Waiting and Postponing

So we are at the point where everything is out of our hands.  We are waiting for the final book cover. We are waiting on feedback from our editor.  We are waiting for our official website to be completed.  We are just waiting.


It feels like the calm before the storm.  The to- do list is growing shorter but there are some major items that we have to do such as getting reviewers and planning book tours.

The Calm Before the Storm in Rumania2As we wait, we work and plan.  But with all this waiting we have decided that instead of releasing the book this month, we will wait until later this summer.  It is most important for us to do things in excellence.  Even though this is our first book and we know that some mistakes will be made, we feel that the quality of the work we put out must be the same standard that we hold ourselves to.  Therefore if we must wait for a quality book cover, subject ourselves to book edits and critiques then we will wait.  We are still very much excited to release our book.  Can’t wait to share!



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