But I Thought You Made Movies

It’s no secret that this book is our first book.  Neither one of us has a literary background but both us have experience as script writers.  So although we can’t say we are experienced we do have experience as story tellers.  I say all this because every now and then when people ask us “Hey, what’s LackToast Entertainment’s next project?” and I answer “We have a book coming out” I feel that I have to further explain how it is that we arrived at this point.



Long story short is that Dion had an idea that was originally for a script and as we started writing it, we realized that this idea was bigger than a script so “Voyage of Truth” was birthed.  But if you look at the trends with major publishers and studios, our plan is not that far off the mark.  Many book publishers are now dabbling around in production by creating in house production companies so that they can maintain the rights to their books.  Also movie studios, who are apparently starved for original ideas, have been joining up with publishers to option books as scripts.  We see this with hit TV shows such as “Gossip Girl”, “Vampire Diaries” and “Game of Thrones” and movies such as “The Hunger Games”, “Harry Potter” and “Twilight”.

Yeah we are definitely venturing into new territory for us but books and movies are both sources of entertainment and ultimately that’s what we strive to do…entertain.  I could explain to people but it seems for a long winded explanation for such an easy question.


Or I could simply just resort to my usual “It’s all part of our plan to take over the world!”



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