First Book Reading

Earlier this week we spent the day  at Graham Elementary School where Dion was invited for career day.  Even though he was there to talk about life as a comedian, he was able to talk about how he became a writer and ultimately able to share an excerpt from the book.  These kids are the first to have a public reading from “Voyage of Truth” and the first to see the cover!  We were able to share with 2nd graders, 3rd graders and 6th graders.

career day

After doing some jokes, sharing how stand-up led to writing opportunities, and discussing story structure (not with the 2nd graders of course) we were able to read scenes from the book.  This went over very well. The kids responded positively, they asked questions, and they laughed (thanks to Dion’s animated storytelling).  We also provided the students with a copy of the book cover to color.  As a way to stimulate engagement we made a coloring contest, we will pick the “best” picture and give the winner a signed copy of the book.  They were excited about that as well!  As everyone knows children are HONEST to say the least so their feedback was not only valuable some it was HILARIOUS.

Career Day- Photo Grid

My favorite comment for the day came from a 6th grader after he saw the book cover.  Keep in mind that our main characters fight using an arm cannon similar to the one Iron Man uses but completely different.  Also keep in mind that the school is majority Mexican American (disclaimers we have to make for politically correct reasons.) So when we hand out the cover, this kid asks is this a “Mexican version of Iron Man?”  Of course this made me chuckle out loud, several times throughout the day.  Dion now thinks we should use “Mexican version of Iron Man” to attract a broader audience.  Don’t worry, I already shut that idea down.




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