not sure

Indecisive people should not be forced to make decisions, it is just beyond our scope of what is right.  I’m clearly talking about myself. Life just seems to be less complicated and more direct when I don’t have more than two options.  Actually, two is somewhat overwhelming…you know, like when you go to the eye doctor for the glasses/contact exam and they ask you which is better 1 or 2, 3 or 4, etc? That exam stresses me! If I make a bad decision I’m stuck with glasses that gives me a headache for the next two years…but I digress.

What really started me on this mini rant is all the book publishing options.  Amazon, Lulu, Smash Words, iBook, create space or all the above…. Who knew there were so many outlets for Indie authors.  I mean of course the opportunity to be a published author is great!  These options didn’t exist for writers just 10-20 years ago.  While all that is true, it feels like the more opportunities before me the more research I have to do.  What is the best path for our book? Which service provides everything we need? How can we spend our limited funds and make the biggest impact? When is the right time to tune out others and just go with gut instinct?

This is a learning process.  I can learn by succeeding and I can learn by failing the key thing is to learn.  Then I will write all of our experiences and put it in a book and sell it. Wait…that’s kind of the point of our blog (documenting our journey.)  Well, welcome to our journey filled with bad and good experiences!


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