Things I Think About As I Write…

As I write, sometimes random thoughts cross my mind.  In my effort to be open and share my experience in this process, I decided to share:

  • I’m pretty sure my laptop hates me
  • I should produce this into a audio book with real actors! How much would the ADR be an hour? Oooook… eBook it is!
  • Thank GOD for SchoolHouse Rock for explaining what subject and predicate actually mean
  • Thank you but stop please judging me MICROSOFT WORD … I hate your green and red swiggly lines
  • Had I known I would be writing a book, I would’ve actually studied those SAT words.
  • When do you use really suppose to use a semi-colon?
  • Why is the English language so complex?
  • Am I using too many adjectives
  • I like cake
  • If Twilla uses superfluous one more time…
  • We should hire an editor to give me constructive feedback.
  • How much does an editor cost? How MUCH? Nevermind, sorry Twilla… READ IT AGAIN!!!



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