Publishing and Marketing- What Am I Doing?

Publishing and marketing books are two things very new to me.  Sure, I have experience editing papers and doing some social media here and there but for an actual book? No clue!


We are venturing into new territory “the indie book world” and quite frankly it is somewhat intimidating.  Writing a book is one thing. If you have patience, creativity and an understanding of story structure you can write a novel.  However, learning everything it takes to get your book on people’s radars feels like a master’s level course.   I have read a few tips from seasoned writers and they make it sound like a breeze.  “Just get on facebook, grow your audience and publish on Amazon KDP and voila, you are done!”

so simple

I’m not shunning any learning experience in fact I am actually enjoying the process.  It does feel a bit overwhelming but not impossible.  Do you have any helpful tips? Please do share!


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