Goodreads anyone?

This weekend I came across a new site called GoodReads which apparently isn’t new to 25 million people.  A social networking site for bookworms? Oh come on! Who failed to tell me about this wonderfully delightful internet Wonderland?!?!  Seriously, not cool guys!

I spent a good portion of my weekend going through my bookshelf to see what books I read and rating them. Unfortunately, most of my books are still packed in boxes from my move from two months ago so I couldn’t get to all of my books… Back to the original point of this post, it hit me…Goodreads is a good freakin place for Dion to share some of his excerpts from the book! Hashtag Moment-0-Genius!

So now you can find us on Goodreads and if you can read an excerpt from the book by clicking here! So even though none of my friends cared enough to tell me about this online book mecca, I hold no ill feelings towards you.  However, if you have any other kind of yummy goodness that you are hiding, please leave in the comment section!


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