The Truth Behind “The Voyage of Truth”

I moved to Los Angeles to be an actor just like the other millions of people and I have done okay for myself.  A few years ago, I fell behind the camera as a writer and eventually became a director.  Writing was never farfetched for me. I’ve helped write plays and jokes for many comedians… Visual act outs was right down my lane.  About 3 years ago, I was working on a concept that I thought would make a great script.  And as I was writing it, I thought “this has to be a book because it’s way too descriptive.” A book gives me lots more room to play.

Then of course I go to Twilla (who is a certified bookworm…her dream is to have a library like the one on Beauty and the Beast…no lie) with the idea and she said dramatically, “Are you sure about this Dion? That’s a huge undertaking.”

I then poked my chest out and stood on the cliffs of Runyon Canyon, gazing over the city of Hollywood and said, “I must do this, there is no other way!”

Twilla feel to the ground wept, “Okay, go for it. I hold the nay-sayers off as long as I can!”

I confirmed with a nod and soared over the valleys of Los Angeles….

I may be exaggerated a tad but it went something like that. Twilla was the first person I told about the idea to write a novel and she approved.  In between many projects, I wrote this book in secret, not because I was ashamed but I did not want people to see me as someone who have way too many interest.  You know the people with business cards with 5 different professions on it. “So you’re a Ventriloquist, Life Guard, Tax Expert, Baby Sitter and Mechanic? Hmm! Interesting.”  I didn’t want that. But those I did tell I trusted and they supported me throughout this entire journey.

This tight lippedness carried on.  I even questioned if I should release the book under my name or under a moniker. R.D. Lacking, because it sounded unisex and sophisticated. (Right?) I was seriously stuck for a whole year until my graphic designer asked me which one I was going to use.  It was then that I decided to go with Dion Lack because that’s who I am. *Insert Superman music*

Then it came time to start publicizing the book.  Publicity required me telling my Facebook friends that I, Dion Lack, have a book coming out.  Mister funny man has a SCI FI NOVEL COMING OUT. “What??” I started thinking some of my friends may think this is a prank or a parody of another book. Turns out that was just negative conversation in my own head that has never actually happened. Everyone has been so encouraging and anticipating the release date.  #EmotionalLack Now, I just hope these same friends show the same amount of support this June. Spread the word!


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