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So we have a book that takes place on another planet, that features characters and technologies that don’t exist on earth (at least to our knowledge).  We can do one of two things…illustrate what this world looks like or to leave it up to the readers to figure out what a phage looks like. I know your saying, “phage what?” Phages are the species on the planet Kepler.

Of course the latter option is to draw nothing… and might I add the cheapest! When Dion verbally described the world to me, I had to use my imagination.  Then he sketched out our main character Nulo and he looked nothing like I envisioned. This character was much cooler and this whole world made sense.

It was obvious that the affordable choice was not the best option.  We had to get an illustrator.  I tried to get Dion to illustrate the entire book because he has a secret talent of drawing and (my favorite reason) his services are free! However, Dion suggested we find another passionate graphic artist.  After about 8 months of searching, we came across Stan Ford who is so far proving to be a God send!

After dealing with other artist who were pricey or too busy, Stan came right in and painted every description we gave him to a ‘T’.  We will be featuring some of his work throughout our blogs so stay tuned that exclusiveness.

But what do you think? Is illustration important to a fictional story? Or do you wish to visualize your own interpretation?


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