Writing and Re-Writes

Alright, the book is perfect and ready to show to the world… or is it? I don’t know! Twilla, quick I need for you to read it one last time before we launch. *fast foward* Now its ready!!! 

Long story short, I am now on draft 19 and definitely on Twilla’s last nerves. But there is a reason.  It has to be PERFECT so EVERYBODY loves it!! (Wishful thinking but that’ll never happen.) I write and Twilla edits and this is how the process is supposed to happen: I’ll finish the latest draft, send it to Twilla for suggestions and grammatically errors, THEN I “wait” for her corrections.
*Evil Laugh* NOPE… While she’s reading it, I’m secretly making more changes and constantly telling her to stop reading, I got a more up to date verison.  It drives her crazy…She says stuff like, “Dion, you’re being counterproductive”, “I’m going to kill you!”, “If you make one more change, I’m going to smash your laptop.” Blah Blah Blah… This is how we ended up with so many drafts. I know it seems mean but this book is like my first born. Twilla suggested we bring in some test readers for feedback on the flow of the story but deep down inside I know she just needed a break LoL.

As a first time author, I had no idea it would take this much time to get this book just right. Dont get me wrong, I’ve written several scripts and knew the elements of a good story but never knew the effort behind it. BUT I LOVE IT! Everyday there’s a new discovery. I feed off of researching information about the ins and outs of publishing. Digging deep for Do’s or Don’ts, cohesiveness even proper formatting.

Recently, I realized  the more I write the better I will become… which scares me.  It never fails that once I re-read the pages of the manuscript I get disgusted (Eww what was I thinking)… such a vicious cycle. The gift and the curse huh? I want to my voice to resonate, to perfect my continuity and my writing style to be an art form. That’s why I write and re-write and re-write. That’s why Twilla reads, corrects and re-reads. At the end of the day we just want you to read something that’ll force a standing slow clap… and maybe tears. lol

Half my life is an act of revision.- John Irving


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